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The city of Bologna is renowned as a welcoming, friendly city, where sociality has always been very important.
A student city par excellence and a vital crossroads for those journeying along the peninsula, its countless traditional tavernas (to locals ‘osteria’ pronounced /os.teˈri.a/) and inns have given Bologna its distinguishing and unique character, a city which has stood out in Italy over many centuries.

“Settemmezzo”, a classic card game of the Felsina culture, is a source of long nights filled with discussions and fun. Time passed with friends and regulars of Bolognese nights.

And so we have created a liquore, Settemmezzo, dedicted to one of the most loved symbols of the city, the Basilica of San Luca which stands watch on top of the Colle della Guardia hill. The Basilica of San Luca is visible from all four cardinal directions as you approach Bologna, giving you the sense of having finally returned home.

Il carciofino
di san luca

Nella prima metà del secolo scorso il carciofo di San Luca era una delle coltivazioni principali sulle colline a sud di Bologna. I carciofi violetti sono molto diffusi anche nel territorio romagnolo, ma la coltivazione nei terreni argillosi della collina bolognese conferisce alla varietà di San Luca un sapore fresco, erbaceo con note che tendono alla radice di liquirizia.


Zone collinari a sud del comune di Bologna, comuni di Bologna, Ozzano, Pianoro e San Lazzaro di Savena, provincia di Bologna.


is a result of the infusion of agricultural alcohol and Adriatic seawater with purple artichokes from San Luca, Sicilian bitter orange root beer (‘chinotto’) and other natural extracts, making the perfect aperitif.

Thanks to its cynarine content, digestive properties can also be fully appreciated and enjoyed.